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Today’s Home Heating Oil Prices

Cash, Check or Debit Oil Price:


Credit Card Oil Price:


Price Per Gallon, when ordering 100+ gallons.

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Featured Services

Oil Delivery

Oil Delivery

Click here for information on our service area, run schedule and how we are able to keep our...

Automatic Oil Delivery

Automatic Oil Delivery

All the premium services of auto oil delivery, with no extra costs. Lincoln Oil serves the New...

Budget Billing

Budget Billing

Each June Lincoln Oil opens their Budget Billing Program to all willing customers, new and...

Oil Burner Services

Oil Burner Services

As a full service home heating oil delivery company, Lincoln Oil not only delivers, but offers...

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Need more information about anything to do with your oil heating system, just send us a message and we will get back to you, or get you in touch with the right department.
Heating & Air Conditioning

Repairs & Services

Even though Lincoln Oil specializes in home heating oil delivery, our sister company ``One Hour Heating and Air`` does the rest. If you are looking to have your system serviced or need repair, look no further.

Customer Reviews

I am so sorry I waited so long to switch to Lincoln Oil. The people in the office are very pleasant yet professional and Dave, the delivery man today, was just awesome. If you don't get your oil from Lincoln Oil, you should - NOW!!!

Charlie Rudewick
Charlie R.Bear, DE

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